Celebrating World Turtle Day!

Inspired by: Paper Magic Turtle Craft 

May 23rd is celebrated as World Turtle Day to increase awareness and protect one of the 6 world's longest-living animals - Tortoises & Turtles. 

This head bobbing craft, therefore, is to celebrate World Turtle Day. Also, teach my tot about turtles and the significance of this day. 

Here is how we made this craft:

Paper Plate (2)
Yellow drawing sheet
Yellow Tissue Paper
Wiggle eyes (2)
Colors (yellow and green)
Black pen
Paint Brush

Behind the scenes step:
1. Color the bottom of one paper plate yellow and the other paper plate green.

2. Cut the a small arc on both the plates as shown in image below.
3. Cut 3 rectangular (12" x 2"in) strips from yellow paper.
4. Cut the shape for head as shown in image below (approx: 3"x2.5")

5. Cut seven hexagons (sides: 1") from yellow tissue paper. 

6. Glue the hexagons on the green paper plate making the pattern for the turtle's shell as shown below.

7. Glue the head cutout to one end of a yellow strip and glue the eyes on the head. 

8. Make a smiley with black pen.  
9. Glue the other two yellow strips on the top side of yellow colored plate (approx 2" apart).
10. Place the strip with the head on top of the glued strips (with head on the side with arc).
11. Cover it with green paper pate as shown below. Glue it such that the strip with head is movable.

12. Make a triangular cut for the tail on the other end of strip with head.

13. Fold the other two strip and make a angled cut making the legs for the turtle as shown below.

And the turtle is ready for your kid to play with. Have fun crafting!

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