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Tree of Love!

The importance of grandparents and grandparents' love for their grandchildren will never change. Today is my tot's turn to surprise her grandparents on their wedding anniversary. So, we decided to wish them through this beautiful centerpiece and we named it "Tree of Love" to celebrate the special day. "Dadi" here stands for grandmother and "Dadu" for grandfather. Both were overjoyed when they were presented with this cute and hearty craft. 

Inspired by: http://www.personalcreations.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/flowering-tree.jpg

Yellow drawing paper 
Multi-color foam sheets
Popsicle stick (1) - optional
White Glue
Glue stick - optional
Preschool Scissor

Behind the scene steps:
1. Draw the outline of your kid's hand on yellow sheet as shown in the picture.
2. Cut the outline of hand ending in a rectangular shape (roughly 7"x1.25"), so that it can form a nice thick stand for the tree as shown in the picture.
3. Glue both the ends of the rectangle forming a circular stand.
4. Cut hearts, leaves and grass of different sizes from the foam sheets. 
5. And, let your kid decorate the tree with hearts, leaves and grass.

6. We used popsicle stick for wish tag. You can use paper if popsicle stick is not available.

And this colorful tree is ready to Aww your dear ones. Enjoy Crafting!

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